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Verse 35. And beat one. The word here translated beat, properly means to flay, or to take off the skin. Hence to beat, or to whip, so that the skin in many places is taken off.

And killed another. Isaiah is said to have been put to death by sawing him asunder. See Lu 13:34; Heb 11:37; 1 Sa 22:18; 1 Ki 19:10.


And stoned another. This was, among the Jews, a common way of punishment, De 13:10; 17:7; Jos 7:26.

Especially was this the case in times of popular tumult, and of sudden indignation among the people, Ac 7:58; 14:19; Joh 8:59; 10:31.

This does not imply of necessity that those who were stoned died, but they might be only severely wounded. Mark says, "At him they cast stones, and wounded him in the head, and sent him away," etc.

There is a little variation in the circumstances, as mentioned by Matthew, and by Mark and Luke; but the substance is the same. Mark and Luke are more particular, and state the order in which the servants were sent one after another. They all denote the dealing of the people of Israel towards the prophets. All these things had been done to them. See Heb 11:37; Jer 44:4,5,6; 2 Ch 36:16; Ne 9:26; 2 Ch 24:20,21.

{x} "And the husbandman" 2 Ch 36:16; Ne 9:26; Jer 25:3-7; Mt 5:12


Mt 23:34-37; Ac 7:52; 1 Th 2:15; Heb 11:36,37


Re 6:9

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