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Verse 25. Jesus prevented him. That is, Jesus commenced speaking before Peter, or spoke before Peter had told him what he had said. This implies, that though not present with Peter when he gave the answer, yet Jesus was acquainted with what he had said. Prevent here means, to go before, or precede. It does not mean, as now with us, to hinder, or obstruct. See the same use of the word in Ps 59:10; 79:8; 88:13; 119:148; 1 Th 4:15.


Of whom do the kings of the earth, etc. That is, earthly kings.

Their own brethren. Their sons; the members of the family.

Or of strangers? The word strangers does not mean foreigners, but those who were not their own sons, or members of their family. Peter replied, that tribute was collected of those out of their own family. Jesus answered, then are the children, or sons of the kings, free; i.e., taxes are not required of them. The meaning of this may be thus expressed: "Kings do not tax their own sons. This tribute money is taken up for the temple-service; i.e., the service of my Father. I, therefore, being the Son of God, for whom this is taken up, cannot be lawfully required to pay this tribute."

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