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Verses 14-21. This narrative, with some additions, is found in Mr 9:14-29; Lu 9:37-43.

Verse 14. And when they were come to the multitude. This took place on the day following the transfiguration, Lu 9:37. This multitude was probably composed of persons who had attended on his ministry, and many of whom were his real disciples. With them, as Mark Mr 9:14 informs us, were scribes questioning with them. That is, they were probably professedly making inquiries about the Saviour, but really attempting to introduce their own sentiments, and to draw them off from him. They probably artfully asked them many questions about his birth, his family, his appearance, his manner of life, and his instructions, all which were contrary to the general expectation respecting the Messiah; and they intended, therefore, to insinuate that such a person could not be the Christ. The people were persuaded of it, and it would not have done to have attacked their opinions openly, but they attempted to gain the same point by sly insinuations. Error is always subtle, and often puts on the appearance of calm and honest inquiry. Well had he compared them to leaven, Mt 16:11,12. The multitude, seeing Jesus coming down, left the scribes, and ran to meet him, (Mark.) They were amazed, probably because they had not expected to see him there. In their joy at meeting him in this unexpected manner, they saluted him, (Mark;) i.e., they probably prostrated themselves before him, after the manner of salutation in eastern countries. See Barnes "Lu 10:4".

Jesus, seeing the scribes and their artful design, reproved them by asking them why they questioned thus with his disciples? Mr 9:16. Conscious of their guilt and their base purpose, they returned no answer.

A certain man kneeling down to him. That is, saluting him, or showing high regard for him. See Barnes "Lu 10:4".

It did not imply religious homage, but merely high respect and earnest entreaty.

{p} "And when" Mr 9:14; Lu 9:37

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