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Verses 13-21. A full narrative of the feeding the five thousand is given in each of the other evangelists: in Mr 6:32-44; Lu 9:10-17; Joh 6:1-14.


Verse 13. When Jesus heard of it, he departed, he went to a place of safety, he never threw himself unnecessarily into danger. It was proper that he should secure his life, till the time should come when it would be proper for him to die.

By a ship into a desert place. That is, he crossed the sea of Galilee. He went to the country east of the sea, into a place little inhabited. Luke says Lu 9:10 he went to a desert place belonging to the city called Bethsaida. See Barnes "Mt 11:21".

A desert place means a place little cultivated, where there were few or no inhabitants. On the east of the sea of Galilee there was a large tract of country of this description—rough, uncultivated, and chiefly used to pasture flocks.

{d} "he departed" Mt 10:23; 12:15; Mr 6:32; Lu 9:10; Joh 6:1,2

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