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Verse 57. They were offended in him. That is, they took offence at his humble birth; and at the indigent circumstances of his family. They were too proud to be taught by one who, in family connexions, they took to be their equal or inferior. Men always look with envy on those of their own rank who advance pretensions to uncommon wisdom or superior power.

A prophet is not without honour, etc. This seems to be a proverbial expression. He advances it as a general truth. There might be some exceptions to it, but He was not an exception. Everywhere else he had been more honoured than at home. There they knew his family; they had seen his humble life; they had been his companions; they were envious of his wisdom, and too proud to be taught by him. A case remarkably similar to this occurs in the history of the discovery of America. Columbus, a native of Genoa, had, by patient study, conceived the idea that there was a vast continent which might be reached by sailing to the west. Of this his countrymen had no belief. Learned men had long studied the science of geography, and they had never imagined that such a continent could exist; and they were indignant that he, an obscure man, should suppose that he "possessed wisdom superior to all the rest of mankind united." It is accordingly a fact, that out of his own country he was obliged to seek for patrons of his undertaking; that there he received his first honours; and that to other kingdoms the discoveries of the obscure Genoese gave their chief wealth and highest splendour.

{u} "offended" Isa 49:7; 53:3; Joh 6:42

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