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Verse 16. When the even was come, etc. The fame of the miracles of Jesus would probably draw together a crowd, and those who had friends that were afflicted would bring them. All that were brought to him he healed. This was proof of two things: first, his great benevolence; and, secondly, of his Divine mission. He might have established the latter by miracles that would do no good. None of his miracles were performed, however, merely to make a display of power, unless the cursing of the barren fig-tree be an exception comp. Mr 11:11-14. This was on the evening of the sabbath, Mr 1:21-32. The Jews kept the sabbath from evening to evening, Le 23:32. On the sabbath they would not even bring their sick to be healed, (Lu 13:14) but as soon as it was closed, on the evening of the same day, they came in multitudes to be cured.

Possessed with devils. See Barnes "Mt 4:24".


With his word. By his command; by a word.

{d} "brought unto him many" Mr 1:32

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