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Verses 19,20. A certain scribe came, etc. It is not improbable that this man, who had seen the miracles of Jesus, had formed an expectation that by following him he would obtain some considerable worldly advantage. Christ, in reply, proclaimed his own poverty, and dashed the hope of the avaricious scribe. The very foxes and birds, says he, have places of repose and shelter, but the Son of man has no home, and no pillow. He is a stranger in his own world; a wanderer and an outcast from the abodes of men. Comp. Joh 1:11.

Son of man. This means evidently Jesus himself. Not title is more frequently given to the Saviour than this; and yet there is much difficulty in explaining it. The word son is used in a great variety of significations. See Barnes "Mt 1:1".

The name Son of man is given to Jesus only three times in the New Testament, (Ac 7:56; Re 1:13; 14:14) . The phrase Son of God, given to Christ, denotes peculiar connexion with God, Joh 10:36. The name Son of man probably denotes a corresponding peculiar connexion with man; his peculiar love and friendship for him; and his willingness to devote himself to the best interests of the race. It is sometimes, however, used as synonymous with Messiah, Mt 16:28 Joh 1:34; Ac 7:37; Joh 12:34.


{f} "Master, I" Lu 9:57,58

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