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Verse 1. The wilderness. See Barnes "Mt 3:1".


The Spirit. Luke says, (Lu 4:1,) that Jesus was full of the Holy Spirit. It was by his influence, therefore, that Christ went into the desert.

To be tempted. The word to tempt, in the original, means to try, to endeavour, to attempt to do a thing; then, to try the nature of a thing, as metals by fire; then, to test moral qualities by trying them, to see how they will endure; then, to endeavour to draw men away from virtue by suggesting motives to evil. This is the meaning here, and this is now the established meaning of the word in the English language.

The devil. This word originally means an adversary, or an accuser; thence any one opposed; thence an enemy of any kind. It is given in the Scriptures, by way of eminence, to the leader of evil angels—a being characterized as full of subtlety, envy, art, and hatred of mankind. He is known, also, by the name of Satan, Job 1:6-12; Mt 12:26; Beelzebub, Mt 12:24; the old Serpent, Re 12:9; and the prince of the power of the air, Eph 2:2. The name is sometimes given to men and women. 2 Ti 3:3 Truce-breakers, slanderers—in the original, devils. 1 Ti 3:2: So must their wives be grave, not slanderers—in the original, devils.

{a} "led up of the Spirit" 1 Ki 18:12; Eze 11:1,24; Ac 8:39

{b} "to be tempted" Mr 1:12; Lu 4:1

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