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The Inner Life of Dame Gertrude More

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The Inner Life of Gertrude More

Chapter I: Dame Gerture More's Early Life

Chapter II: New Foundation at Cambray

Chapter III: Dame Gertrude's Difficulties

Chapter IV: Dame Gertrude Makes Her Profession

Chapter V: Dame Gertrude Enters on an Interior Life

Chapter VI: The Nature of Dame Gertrude's Propensity

Chapter VII: Dame Gertrude's Tenacity to her Intererior Course Justified

Chapter VIII: Vocal Prayer

Chapter IX: Meditation

Chapter X: The Prayer of Imediate Acts

Chapter XI: The Prayer of Sensible Affections

Chapter XII: Dame Gertrude's Exercise of Mortification: Prayer and Mortification Compared

Chapter XIII: Dame Gertrude's Conduct as Regards Recreations, Conversations, etc.

Chapter XIV: Dame Gertrude's Conduct in Matters, Whether Obligatory or Indifferent

Chapter XV: Certain Practices Which Took the Place of Frequent Examination of Conscience

Chapter XVI: The Prayer of Aridity

Chapter XVII: Dame Gertrude's Sufferings During the First Two Years of her Religious Life

Chapter XVIII: Dame Gertrude's Sufferings From the Second to the Sixth Year of her Religious Life

Chapter XIX: Dame Gertrude's Sufferings From the Sixth Year of her Religious Life Til Her Last Sickness

Chapter XX: Dame Gertrude's Manner of Prayer at this Time

Chapter XXI: Dame Gertrude Attains to Contemplation by the Way of Love

Chapter XXII: Divine Calls the Root and Grounds of Holiness: A Writer Criticized

Chapter XXIII: Correspondence with Divine Inspirations the Principal Need of a Contemplative Soul

Chapter XXIV: The Principal Benefits of Attending to Divine Inpirations

Chapter XXV: Dame Gertrude's Fidelity to Divine Inspirations

Chapter XXVI: Dame Gertrude's Last Sickness and Death