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A History of American Christianity.

Chapter I. Providential Preparations for the Discovery of America—Spiritual Revival throughout Christendom, and Especially in the Church of Spain.

Chapter II. Spanish Conquest—The Propagation, Decay, and Downfall of Spanish Christianity.

Chapter III. The Project of French Empire and Evngelization—Its Wide and Rapid Success—Its Sudden Extinction.

Chapter IV. Antecedents of Permanent Christian Colonization—The Disintegration of Christendom—Controversies—Persecutions.

Chapter V. The Puritan Beginnings of the Church in Virginia—Its Decline almost to Extinction.

Chapter VI. The Neighor Colonies to Virginia-Maryland and the Carolinas.

Chapter VII. The Dutch Calvinist Colony On The Hudson And The Swedish Lutheran Colony On The Delaware—They Both Fall Under The Shadow Of Great Britain.

Chapter VIII. The Planting Of The Church In New England—Pilgrim And Puritan.

Chapter IX. The Middle Colonies: The Jerseys, Delaware, And Pennsylvania—The Quaker Colonization—Georgia.

Chapter X. The American Church On The Eve Of The Great Awakening—A General View.

Chapter XI. The Great Awakening.

Chapter XII. Close Of The Colonial Era—The German Churches—The Beginnings Of The Methodist Church.

Chapter XIII. Reconstruction.

Chapter XIV. The Second Awakening.

Chapter XV. Organized Beneficence.

Chapter XVI. Conflicts of the Church with Public Wrongs.

Chapter XVII. A Decade of Conroversies and Schisms.

Chapter XVIII. The Great Immigration.

Chapter XIX. The Civil War—Antecedents and Consequences.

Chapter XX. After the War.

Chapter XXI. The Church in Theology and Literature.

Chapter XXII. Tendencies Toward a Manifestation of the Unity of the American Church.