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Isaiah 58:5-9


Attend, and mark the solemn fast

which to the Lord is dear;

Disdain the false unhallowed mask

which vain dissemblers wear.

Do I delight In sorrow’s dress?

saith he who reigns above;

The hanging head and rueful look,

will they attract my love?

Let such as feel oppression’s load

thy tender pity share:

And let the helpless, homeless poor,

be thy peculiar care.

Go, bid the hungry orphan be

with thy abundance blest;

Invite the wand’rer to thy gate,

and spread the couch of rest.


Let him who pines with piercing cold

by thee be warmed and clad;

Be thine the blissful task to make

the downcast mourner glad.

Then, bright as morning, shall come forth,

in peace and joy, thy days;

And glory from the Lord above

shall shine on all thy ways.

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