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Psalm 119Pe, The 17th Part.


129Thy statutes, Lord, are wonderful,

my soul them keeps with care.

130The entrance of thy words gives light,

makes wise who simple are.

131My mouth I have wide opened,

and panted earnestly,

While after thy commandements

I long’d exceedingly.

132Look on me, Lord, and merciful

do thou unto me prove,

As thou art wont to do to those

thy name who truly love.

133O let my footsteps in thy word

aright still order’d be:

Let no iniquity obtain

dominion over me.

134From man’s oppression save thou me;

so keep thy laws I will.

135Thy face make on thy servant shine;

teach me thy statutes still.

136Rivers of waters from mine eyes

did run down, when I saw

How wicked men run on in sin,

and do not keep thy law.

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