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Chapter 10. Resurrection

We undoubtedly believe that, insomuch as it was impossible that the dolours of death should retain in bondage the Author of life;5555Acts 2:24. that our Lord Jesus Christ crucified, dead, and buried, who descended into hell, did rise again for our justification,5656Acts 3:26; Rom. 6:5, 9; 4:25. and destroying him who was the author of death, brought life again to us that were subject to death and to the bondage of the same.5757Heb. 2:14-15. We know that his resurrection was confirmed by the testimony of his very enemies;5858Matt. 28:4. by the resurrection of the dead, whose sepulchres did open, and they did arise and appear to many within the city of Jerusalem.5959Matt. 27:52-53. It was also confirmed by the testimony of angels,6060Matt. 28:5-6. and by the senses and judgments of his apostles, and of others, who had conversation, and did eat and drink with him after his resurrection.6161John 20:27; 21:7,12-13; Luke 24:41-43.

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