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Litany of the Church

473. Jesus, with thy Church abide

Litany of the Passion:

John Bacchus Dykes (1823-1876)

Hervey's Litany:

Frederick A. J. Hervey, 1875


Thomas B. Pollock, 1871

Jesus, with thy Church abide,

Be her Savior, Lord, and Guide,

While on earth her faith is tried:

Keep her life and doctrine pure,

Help her, patient to endure,

Trusting in thy promise sure:


May her voice be ever clear,

Warning of a judgment near,

Telling of a Savior dear:

All her fettered powers release,

Bid our strife and envy cease,

Grant the heavenly gift of peace:

May she one in doctrine be,

One in truth and charity,

Winning all to faith in thee:

May she guide the poor and blind,

Seek the lost until she find,

And the broken-hearted bind:

Save her love from growing cold,

Make her watchmen strong and bold,

Fence her round, thy peaceful fold:

May her priests thy people feed,

Shepherds of the flock indeed,

Ready, where thou call'st, to lead:

Judge her not for work undone,

Judge her not for fields unwon,

Bless her works in thee begun:

All that she has lost, restore,

May her strength and zeal be more

Than in brightest days of yore:


Raise her to her calling high,

Let the nations far and nigh

Hear thy heralds' warning cry:

May her lamp of truth be bright,

Bid her bear aloft its light

Through the realms of heathen night:

May her scattered children be

From reproach of evil free,

Blameless witnesses for thee:

May she holy triumphs win,

Overthrow the hosts of sin,

Gather all the nations in:

May she soon all glorious be,

Spotless and from wrinkle free,

Pure, and bright, and worthy thee.

We beseech thee, hear us.


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