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Litany for Children

368. Jesus, from thy throne on high

St. Medan:

Harm., William Henry Monk


Thomas B. Pollock, 1871

Jesus, from thy throne on high,

Far above the bright blue sky,

Look on us with loving eye:

Little children need not fear,

When they know that thou art near:

Thou dost love us, Savior dear:

Little hearts may love thee well,

Little lips thy love may tell,

Little hymns thy praises swell:


Little lives may be divine,

Little deeds of love may shine,

Little ones be wholly thine:

Jesus, once an infant small,

Cradled in the oxen's stall,

Though the God and Lord of all:

Once a child so good and fair,

Feeling want, and toil, and care,

All that we may have to bear:

Jesus, thou dost love us still,

And it is thy holy will

That we should be safe from ill:

Be thou with us every day,

In our work and in our play,

When we learn and when we pray:

When we lie asleep at night,

Ever may thy angels bright

Keep us safe till morning light:

Make us brave without a fear,

Make us happy, full of cheer,

Sure that thou art always near:

May we prize our Christian name,

May we guard it free from blame,

Fearing all that causes shame:


May we grow from day to day,

Glad to learn each holy way,

Ever ready to obey:

May we ever try to be

From all sinful tempers free,

Pure and gentle, Lord, like thee:

May our thoughts be undefiled,

May our words be true and mild,

Make us each a holy child:

Jesus, Son of God most high,

Who didst in a manger lie,

Who upon the cross didst die:

Jesus, from thy heavenly throne,

Watching o'er each little one,

Till our life on earth is done:

Jesus, whom we hope to see

Calling us in heaven to be

Happy evermore with thee:

Hear us, Holy Jesus.


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