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Travelers by Sea and Land

417. Safe upon the billowy deep

Four 7's

Lew Trenchard:

Cornish Folksong;

harm. Winfred Douglas, 1918

Henry Coppee, 1887

Safe upon the billowy deep,

Loving Lord, thy servants keep;

Helpless, trusting pilgrims they,

Guard them on their watery way.

In the morning fill their sails,

Mid the dark send favouring gales;

If their sky be overcast,

Calm the waves, and still the blast.

Let thy sunshine guide by day;

Send at eve the starry ray;

Through the watches of the night,

Be thou, Lord, their shining light.

Thus, as hour by hour rolls by,

Watch them with thy sleepless eye:

Guide with thine almighty hand

Safe unto the haven-land.


And at last, life's voyage o'er,

Take us to the heavenly shore,

Safe in port, to dwell with thee

Where there shall be "no more sea."


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