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407. One sweetly solemn thought



Robert S. Ambrose, 1876

Phoebe Cary, 1852

One sweetly solemn thought

Comes to me o'er and o'er;

I am nearer my home today

Than I ever have been before;

Nearer the great white throne,

Nearer the crystal sea,

Nearer my Father's house,

Where the "many mansions" be;

Nearer the bound of life,

Where we lay our burdens down;

Nearer leaving the cross,

Nearer gaining the crown;

But lying darkly between,

Winding down through the night,

Is the deep and unknown stream

To be crossed ere we reach the light.

Jesus, perfect my trust,

Strengthen the hand of my faith:

Let me feel thee near when I stand

On the edge of the shore of death;

Feel thee near when my feet

Are slipping over the brink;

For it may be I'm nearer home,

Nearer now than I think.


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