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The Evidences of the Christian Religion


Chapter I. The Right Use of Reason in Religion.

Chapter II. It Is Impossible to Banish All Religion from the World; and If It Were Possible, It Would Be the Greatest Calamity Which Could Befal the Human Race.

Chapter III. If Christianity Be Rejected, There Is No Other Religion Which Can Be Substituted in Its Place; at Least No Other Which Will at All Answer the Purpose for Which Religion Is Desirable.

Chapter IV. Revelation Necessary to Teach Us How to Worship God Acceptably—The Nature and Certainty of a Future State—And Especially, the Method by Which Sinners May Obtain Salvation.

Chapter V. There Is Nothing Improbable or Unreasonable in the Idea of a Revelation from God; and Consequently, Nothing Improbable or Unreasonable in Such a Manifest Divine Interposition, as May Be Necessary to Establish a Revelation.

Chapter VI. Miracles Are Capable of Proof from Testimony.

Chapter VII. The Miracles of the Gospel Are Credible.

Chapter VIII. The Bible Contains Predictions of Events, Which NO Human Sagacity Could Have Foreseen, and Which Have Been Exactly and Remarkably Accomplished.

Chapter IX. No Other Religion Possesses the Same Kind and Degree of Evidence as Christianity: and No Other Miracles Are as Well Attested, as Those Recorded in the Bible.

Chapter X. The Bible Contains Internal Evidence That Its Origin Is Divine.

Chapter XI. The Scriptures of the Old and New Testament, were written by the Inspiration of God; and This Inspiration, However it May Be Distinguished, Was Plenary; That Is the Writers were under an Infallible Guidance, both as it Relates to the Ideas and Words: and Yet, the Acquired Knowledge, Habits, and Peculiar Dispositions of the Writers, were not Superseded.