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Sheet Music for Hymn Tunes

What is PDF?

"PDF" or "Portable Document Format" is based on Adobe's "Postscript" language, but designed to be printed on any machine, regardless of what Operating System, Postscript drivers, fonts, or macros have been installed there. It requires only the "Acrobat Reader" software from Adobe, which is free and downloadable. The Free Software Foundation and Project GNU also provide software that can display or print PDF files.

"PDF" is a "vector file" format. This means that the better your printer or display device, the better the image looks. The most common web graphic formats ("BMP", "JPG", "GIF", etc.) are "raster" or "pixel" formats. If a "raster" file is small enough to view on a typical computer screen, it will look very jagged (or very tiny) when printed.

What can be done with PDF files?

Why aren't the hymn lyrics included in the sheet music?

Some of these tunes are used with many different hymns; and this collection was begun as a complement to text-based hymn archives.

If your group is accustomed to reading the hymn text underneath the music, you may print it separately with a text editor, web page editor, desktop publishing program, or even word processor. Otherwise, you'll need to modify the files with a music notation editor. Most scores are included in "Noteworthy Composer" format for convenient editing.

Why can't I view (or print) the sheet music on my computer?