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MIDI Files and Hymn Tunes

What is MIDI?

"MIDI" or "Musical Instrument Digital Interface" is first a standard way of transmitting electronic signals that represent musical "events". An event could be something like "begin note" (such as pressing a key, tapping a drumhead, beginning to blow into a tube, or plucking a string) or "end note." This enables electronic instruments (such as keyboards and synthesizers) from different manufacturers to be easily connected into a functional system.

"MIDI" is also a common format for storing a series of musical events, together with timing information, in computer files ("MIDI files" or "MIDIs").

What can be done with MIDI files on a computer?

What can be done with MIDI Hymns?

Why don't the MIDI files work on my computer?

Where can I find more MIDI Hymns?

The Open Directory Project (which I help edit) contains many links to other sources, starting from the Hymns, Hymn MIDIs and MIDI Hymnals categories. "Editor's pick" or "cool" sites typically contain 500 to 3000 MIDI files.