Job Chapter 17

Job's hope in God: he expects rest in death.

17:1. My spirit shall be wasted, my days shall be shortened and only the grave remaineth for me.

17:2. I have not sinned, and my eye abideth in bitterness.

Not sinned. . .That is, I am not guilty of such sins as they charge me with.

17:3. Deliver me, O Lord, and set me beside thee, and let any man's hand fight against me.

17:4. Thou hast set their heart far from understanding, therefore they shall not be exalted.

17:5. He promiseth a prey to his companions, and the eyes of his children shall fail.

17:6. He hath made me as it were a byword of the people, and I am an example before them.

17:7. My eye is dim through indignation, and my limbs are brought as it were to nothing.

17:8. The just shall be astonished at this, and the innocent shall be raised up against the hypocrite.

17:9. And the just man shall hold on his way, and he that hath clean hands shall be stronger and stronger.

17:10. Wherefore be you all converted, and come, and I shall not find among you any wise man.

17:11. My days have passed away, my thoughts are dissipated, tormenting my heart.

17:12. They have turned night into day, and after darkness I hope for light again.

17:13. If I wait hell is my house, and I have made my bed in darkness.

Hell. . .Sheol. The region of the dead.

17:14. I have said to rottenness: Thou art my father; to worms, my mother and my sister.

17:15. Where is now then my expectation, and who considereth my patience?

17:16. All that I have shall go down into the deepest pit: thinkest thou that there at least I shall have rest?

Deepest pit. . .Literally, hell.