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  1. And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, Lev 24:2 Charge the children of Israel, and let them take for thee pure olive oil beaten for the light, to burn a lamp continually, Lev 24:3 outside the veil in the tabernacle of witness; and Aaron and his sons shall burn it from evening until morning before the Lord continually, a perpetual statute throughout your generations. Lev 24:4 Ye shall burn the lamps on the pure lamp-stand before the Lord till the morrow. Lev 24:5 And ye shall take fine flour, and make of it twelve loaves; each loaf shall be of two tenth parts. Lev 24:6 And ye shall put them in two rows, each row containing six loaves, on the pure table before the Lord. Lev 24:7 And ye shall put on each row pure frankincense and salt; and these things shall be for loaves for a memorial, set forth before the Lord. Lev 24:8 On the sabbath-day they shall be set forth before the Lord continually before the children of Israel, for an everlasting covenant. Lev 24:9 And they shall be for Aaron and his sons, and they shall eat them in the holy place: for this is their most holy portion of the offerings made to the Lord, a perpetual statute. Lev 24:10 And there went forth a son of an Israelitish woman, and he was son of an Egyptian man among the sons of Israel; and they fought in the camp, the son of the Israelitish woman, and a man who was an Israelite. Lev 24:11 And the son of the Israelitish woman named THE NAME and cursed; and they brought him to Moses: and his mother's name was Salomith, daughter of Dabri of the tribe of Dan. Lev 24:12 And they put him in ward, to judge him by the command of the Lord. Lev 24:13 And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, Lev 24:14 Bring forth him that cursed outside the camp, and all who heard shall lay their hands upon his head, and all the congregation shall stone him. Lev 24:15 And speak to the sons of Israel, and thou shalt say to them, Whosoever shall curse God shall bear his sin. Lev 24:16 And he that names the name of the Lord, let him die the death: let all the congregation of Israel stone him with stones; whether he be a stranger or a native, let him die for naming the name of the Lord. Lev 24:17 And whosoever shall smite a man and he die, let him die the death. Lev 24:18 And whosoever shall smite a beast, and it shall die, let him render life for life. Lev 24:19 And whosoever shall inflict a blemish on his neighbour, as he has done to him, so shall it be done to himself in return; Lev 24:20 bruise for bruise, eye for eye, tooth for tooth: as any one may inflict a blemish on a man, so shall it be rendered to him. Lev 24:21 Whosoever shall smite a man, and he shall die, let him die the death. Lev 24:22 There shall be one judgment for the stranger and the native, for I am the Lord your God. Lev 24:23 And Moses spoke to the children of Israel, and they brought him that had cursed out of the camp, and stoned him with stones; and the children of Israel did as the Lord commanded Moses.

[English translation of the Septuagint by Sir Lancelot Charles Lee Brenton (1807-1862) originally published by Samuel Bagster & Sons, Ltd., London, 1851]