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Chap. 1
1 Tobit his stocke, and deuotion in his youth, 9 His marriage, 10 And captiuitie, 13 His preferment, 16 Almes and charitie in burying the dead, 19 For which he is accused and flieth, 22 And after returneth to Niniue.
Chap. 2
1 Tobit leaueth his meate to bury the dead, 10 and becommeth blinde. 11 His wife taketh in worke to get her liuing. 14 Her husband and she fall out about a kidde.
Chap. 3
1 Tobit grieued with his wiues taunts, prayeth. 11 Sara reproched by her fathers maides, prayeth also. 17 An Angel is sent to helpe them both.
Chap. 4
3 Tobit giueth instructions to his sonnes Tobias, 20 and telleth him of money left with Gabael in Media.
Chap. 5
4 Yong Tobias seeketh a guide into Media. 6 The Angel will goe with him, 12 and saith he is his kinseman. 16 Tobias and the Angel depart together. 17 But his mother is grieued for her sonnes departing.
Chap. 6
4 The Angel biddeth Tobias to take the liuer, heart and gall out of a fish, 10 And to marry Sara the daughter of Raguel; 16 And teacheth how to driue the wicked spirit away.
Chap. 7
11 Raguel telleth Tobias what had happened to his daughter: 12 and giueth her in marriage vnto him. 17 She is conueyed to her chamber, and weepeth. 18 Her mother coforteth her.
Chap. 8
3 Tobias driueth the wicked spirit away, as hee was taught. 4 He and his wife ries vp to pray. 10 Raguel thought he was dead: 15 But finding him aliue, praiseth God, 12 and maketh a wedding feast.
Chap. 9
1 Tobias sendeth the Angel vnto Gabael for the money. 6 The Angel bringeth it, and Gabael to the wedding.
Chap. 10
1 Tobit and his wife long for their sonne. 7 She will not be comforted by her husband. 10 Raguel sendeth Tobias and his wife away, with halfe their goods, 12 and blesseth them.
Chap. 11
6 Tobits mother spieth her sonne comming. 10 His father meeteth him at the doore, and recouereth his sight. 14 Hee praiseth God, 17 And welcommeth his daughter in Lawe.
Chap. 12
5 Tobit offereth halfe to the Angel for his paines; 6 But he calleth them both aside, and exhorteth them, 15 and telleth them that he was an Angel, 21 and was seene no more.
Chap. 13
The thankesgiuing vnto God, which Tobit wrote.
Chap. 14
3 Tobit giueth instructions to his sonne, 8 Specially to leaue Nineue. 11 Hee and his wife die, and are buried. 12 Tobias remoueth to Ecbatane, 14 and there died, after hee had heard of the destruction of Nineue.